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Red River Human Services Donation

The JBFF is pleased to announce its second donation in 2022 went to Red River Human Services. Red River Human Services received $6,000 to be used towards building a new sensory room. Sensory rooms are a source of calm and comfort for individuals learning to self-regulate. In addition, this space provides access to appropriate sensory stimulation and an opportunity to enhance therapy sessions.

Red River Human Services (RRHSF) is a private, non-profit organization supporting people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the Fargo, West Fargo, and Wahpeton areas. They provide high-quality, individualized support to enhance people’s lives and promote community participation and inclusion. They are dedicated to affirming human worth, rights, and dignity by providing services to people with disabilities which enhance the quality of their lives, and enable them to live, work, and develop relationships within their communities.

The RRHSF sensory room is located in their day support facility. This program focuses on supporting people to be involved and active in the community by attending sporting events, volunteering, going shopping, dining out, etc. This day support setting is a non-paid, relaxed environment. In addition to the photos above, RRHSF will be using their remaining funds to provide individuals with music therapies.

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