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2019 Annual Report

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Jeromy Brown Family Fund supporters, It has been one year since the Jeromy Brown Family Fund was created under the Dakota Medical Foundation as a donor advised fund. We want to acknowledge our first initial investor, Jeromy’s Grandpa Ellery who founded the fund with a $10,000 donation. He greatly believed in the fund and knew Jeromy’s Grandma Jeanne would have been the biggest supporter. He passed away shortly before the inaugural event in 2019, but we know he would be so proud of what the fund has accomplished in its first year. Many exciting things have happened since November 13th , 2018. The purpose of this post is to provide a summary of the fund’s first year and what has been accomplished because of your generous support.


The Inaugural Jeromy Brown Charity Bowl: "Knock 'em down with Jeromy Brown"

From the beginning of our fund’s journey, the Board envisioned creating and hosting a bowling tournament that would bring people together, raise money for the Fund, and celebrate Jeromy’s birthday and love for sports – especially bowling. That vision became a reality on February 16th, 2019. The tournament exceeded all expectations. Over 170 bowlers participated while raising over $7,500. The event gave the Fund the start it needed to begin fulfilling its mission to give back to the community in ways that achieved its values and goals. The Board of Directors is looking forward to hosting the 2nd Annual Jeromy Brown Charity Bowl on February 15th and hope to see you all there!


Giving Hearts Day

Since the Jeromy Brown Family Fund is a donor advised fund sponsored by the Dakota Medical Foundation it gives the Fund eligibility to participate in Giving Hearts Day, which is one of the most effective fundraising days in the country. In 2019 alone, $16.3 million was raised within the 24-hour timeframe benefiting 477 nonprofits. The Jeromy Brown Family Fund raised over $10,000 while maxing out on the matches available during its first Giving Hearts Day.


Hope Inc.

Through the Charity Bowl and Giving Heart’s Day the Jeromy Brown Fund was able to donate to organizations that the Board felt supported the Fund’s mission – promoting the health and well-being of those who live with disabilities. Hope Inc. is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals in our community with mobility challenges by providing family friendly sporting and recreational opportunities. Hope Inc. was chosen as one of the organizations that reflected the Fund’s mission and vision. The Fund’s first donation was given to Hope Inc. in the amount of $5,000. The donation gave the Fund "platinum donors" status that has resulted in advertising opportunities for the Fund. The Jeromy Brown Family Fund was chosen as the lead sponsor of Hope Inc.'s wheelchair softball fundraiser. The event gave the Fund the opportunity to share its story with a wider audience. Pictured is the Jeromy Brown Family Fund team participating at the event. Below is a link to Ellery Bresnahan’s (Vice President of the Fund) interview that took place on the morning news.


TNT Fitness

The Fund’s second donation – this time in the amount of $1,000 – was granted to TNT Fitness, a gym in Fargo that provides programs for individuals with disabilities. There are individuals with disabilities that have limited resources in regards to fitness memberships and overall community participation. The intent of this donation is to support yearly memberships and provide access to health and fitness opportunities for these individuals. Below are relatives of Jeromy Brown that were able to attend TNT's 2019 luncheon fundraiser in Fargo this past June.


Red River Valley Housing

Not only is there an overall lack of housing in our communities for individuals with disabilities, there is a lack of resources within the housing that is available. Board members met with Red River Valley Housing to discuss their residents' needs. A donation of $3,000 was allocated to a four plex in town and will be used for purchasing items related to sporting and leisure equipment.


Grand Forks Special Olympics

Another organization the Jeromy Brown Family Fund was able to support this year was Special Olympics: Grand Forks Chapter. Many Grand Forks Special Olympic athletes were able to support and attend our inaugural bowling tournament; therefore, the board of directors was pleased to see these individuals benefit from the money raised. The donation of $2,500 allowed the organization to purchase equipment such as volleyballs, basketballs, portable soccer nets, tents, and bowling ramps. Promoting the inclusion and well-being of those with disabilities through sport. Below are some of the Grand Forks athletes who were able to attend our tournament and benefit from the money raised.


Vocational Training Center (VTC)

The VTC is a nonprofit organization that helps train, place, and support individuals with disabilities at job sites. There are individuals with varying abilities that have difficulties managing their stress and behaviors during their shifts. These individuals benefit from sensory and movement breaks during their shifts to help reduce maladaptive behavior. The Fund was able to help the organization purchase a portable basketball hoop for the job site. The Fund also has a 2020 goal of providing VTC with an updated sensory room. This therapeutic space will provide a variety of equipment to calm and focus individuals and better prepare them to be productive participants at their job sites.


Wiffle Ball World Series

In July, the Jeromy Brown Family Fund was selected to receive the fundraising earnings of the Wiffle Ball World Series event. Pat Bresnahan (board member of the Fund) and friends have hosted the annual Wiffle Ball World Series every summer for the past 7 years. The event raised over $2,000 that will be used to continue to improve and impact the health of those with disabilities in our community. Jeromy was able to attend the event to throw out the first pitch. Pat shared the Fund’s story during a radio interview. Below is the video of Jeromy throwing out the first pitch, a link to Pat’s radio interview, and Jeromy receiving the donation for the Fund at the event.


All of this would not be possible without the amazing support the Fund received in 2019 from individuals like you. The Jeromy Brown Family Fund thanks you for your support and cannot wait to see what we all can accomplish in 2020!


The Jeromy Brown Family Fund Board of Directors

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