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The Jeromy Brown Family Fund Story

Meet Jeromy Brown

Jeromy Brown was born on February 8, 1994 with a rare syndrome called Monosomy 9; only one in four million individuals are born with it. Jeromy has limited ability to speak but uses a communication device that helps him interact with others. Jeromy's life is not defined by his disability. He enjoys being an active and productive member in his community. He is well known around town for his infectious smile and love for all sports.


Our Story

Our story begins with a few cousins discussing Jeromy and the influence he has had on them. They decided they wanted to celebrate Jeromy in a way that would give back to individuals with disabilities while honoring Jeromy's name. Thus, the Jeromy Brown Family Fund was established at Dakota Medical Foundation by a board of Jeromy's cousins in 2018. Jeromy has shown his cousins that a disability does not need to define a person. Our family has chosen to focus on the abilities and passions of each individual. Jeromy's love for bowling and February birthday inspired the idea for an annual bowling tournament to promote the inclusion and well-being of those with disabilities. All while celebrating Jeromy and the love his cousins have for him.

Board of Directors: Kennedy Bresnahan, Ellery Bresnahan, Grady Bresnahan, Chad Bresnahan, Pat Bresnahan, Maria Garcia, Phil Bruckbauer, Katie Massopust, Anna Schwieters, and Anne Franta


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