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2022 Giving Heart Day

Our Passion

The Jeromy Brown Family Fund aims to promote the inclusion and wellbeing of individuals with disabilities.


"Thank you!!  Thank you for wanting to make a difference in the lives of so many people within the DD service.  We are so thankful for your wonderful donation."   -  Dori (CHI)


Our Vision

Our family hopes to help build a more
inclusive community that celebrates all
abilities. It is our goal to do this in a
manner that honors our cousin and
bestows a legacy of Jeromy Brown.

"We are so grateful for the wonderful gift.  COVID has hit many people in different ways and the gift from the Jeromy Brown Family Fund has made a difference for some of our young families during this time.  We are blessed!!!"  -  Barb (Fraser LTD) 

Sport Tactics

Our Story

Our Story

Our story begins with a few cousins discussing Jeromy and the influence he has had on them. They decided they wanted to celebrate Jeromy in a way that would give back to individuals with disabilities while honoring Jeromy’s name. Thus, the Jeromy Brown Family Fund was established by a board of Jeromy’s cousins in 2018. Jeromy has shown his cousins that a disability does not need to define a person. Our family has chosen to focus on the abilities and passions each individual has. Jeromy’s love of bowling and February birthday inspired the idea for an annual bowling tournament to promote the inclusion and wellbeing of those with disabilities while celebrating Jeromy and the love his cousins have for him.

The Jeromy Brown Family Fund was created under the Dakota Medical Foundation as a donor advised fund. We want to acknowledge our first initial investor, Jeromy’s Grandpa Ellery who founded the fund with a $10,000 donation. He greatly believed in the fund and knew Jeromy’s Grandma Jeanne would have been the biggest supporter.

Bowling Pins

Knock 'em Down with Jeromy Brown




The Annual Jeromy Brown Charity Bowl is an inclusive bowling tournament that aims to knock down stereotypes, raise money for people with disabilities in our community, and have a great time doing it! We encourage people of all abilities to participate at our event. All tournament proceeds will be donated to the DMF Jeromy Brown Family Fund to benefit organizations that impact the health of those in our communities who live with disabilities.

Tournament Details

Check out our blog page for more specifics on the Jeromy Brown Charity Bowl Event and how you can get involved today!


Sign up today to knock 'em down with Jeromy Brown!

Hands Together


Our Impact

  • Click on the images below for more information on the organizations that the JBFF has contributed towards.

  • Check out our blog posts for updates on how monetary donations are used.

  • Donate below to continue the JBFF's impact on the Fargo/Moorhead community!

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Donation Request from JBFF

Are you looking to request JBFF dollars for your program?  Fill out the donation request form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


President: Kennedy Bresnahan

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